Wondering X Axis When Y Moves Backwards

When my printer starts to auto level it takes 9 points altogether  3 rows of 3 places on the hot plate.

after taking point 1 all seems fine until the hotbed moves then the X-axis moves slightly to the left and on the 3rd the same.
 Attached is a pdf image of the points it is testing. the green is what it should be doing but because the X is moving to the left when the bed moves forward the auto level is taking the red points instead.
what can be causing their X-Axis to move when it should be staying still
to try and fix this I have already

Changed the controller board for a new one
changed the stepper motor on the X
tried changing the firmware settings but really can't find anything to change.
I have tried earthing the printer to a bench power earth didn't change anything

please help my prints are coming out to narrow


  • PDF didn't attach so here is an image of the points 
  • can you tell us which firmware do you use. 
    is this only happening on autolevel routine or on normal printing?
    which points are configured in firmware for autolevel?
  • It is possible to describe a route with the 3 control points. Then this pattern will happen. Open your eeprom editor and check the set points. I guess one does not lie on the x/y line of point 1.
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