v0.92 | issue with EEPROM & SDSUPPORT

Hello everyone,

before I start, I will give a short into about me! ;) I am Chriss from Germany and use Repetier for nearly one year on a self construct Delta Printer with PiBot Electronic! ;)

Now, I want to update from v0.91 to v0.92 but have some strange issues:
If I setup my Configuration.h and disable eeprom_mode, everything is well, my board starts! I am able to use the SDCard and so on. But I want to use eeprom for configuration! If I enable eeprom_mode and upload Repetier, my display will show nothing and with serial monitor I get many resets.

To try some options, I disable SDSUPPORT in pins.h with the result, that my mainboard starts normaly! Got "start" over serial monitor and also the display working well. But I need the SD support. Try also different eeprom slots and reset the whole eeprom with arduino example. Try to download the last v0.92.2 from configurator also the version from github.

I can't get eeprom and SDCard work together.

My Configuration.h file (not from configurator):

Maybe someone have an idea! ;)

Regards from Germany!
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