V2.0.5 G-Code Error

I am running V2.0.5 Host. I slice the file and click print. It goes through the process of heating the bed and then the extruder. When normally the print starts Repetier screams through the print on the screen but the printer does nothing. I looked and looked through the G-Code and at the very bottom it  says " no start signal detected, forcing start" even then nothing happens. 

All the manual controls work and the CONFIG communicates when I change it. 

The weird thing is I had it working last night without any issues. 


  • When firmware resets it sends a "start" so host knows it is restarted. We try to reset boards so "" no start signal detected, forcing start" means printer did not reset. Some boards never do so you will see this every time and it i sok in that case. Especially if you can control printer afterwards it seems to be normal (e.g. Arduino Due boards on native port).

    You should always check log on such problems. Enable commands and ack to see full communication. If you commands getting send and firmware returning "ok" and some more you are interactively talking with the printer. If the head is then not moving the firmware has decided to not move for some reason. Should normally also appear on the log why it happens.

    In repetier-firmware there is a mode to test only communication (M111 S16 or any number with 4 set). But that would also not heat the extruders. More likeliy heating triggered an error and firmware started to ignore following commands.
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