Temp Table Settings

I am using the DYZE 300 C thermistor which is type 3 in Repetier Firmware. I normally use dead time (works pretty well generally it keeps my temp about 2-3 degrees under my target) for the heat manager because PID tuning is only accurate for going to a single temperature. I want to be able to hit many different temperatures accurately without tweaking things (anywhere from 195 degrees to 295 degrees). I thought lets use a temperature table which should give me the precision of a good PID tune except across many different temperature marks. I used the data from https://dyzedesign.com/support/temperature-sensors/ to build the temp table in the Repetier Firmware Configuration Tool. However now whenever I implement the temp table by using Thermistor Type 5 I just get a 0 degree reading from the host software after I flash the firmware.

#define EXT0_TEMPSENSOR_TYPE 5 //normally type 3 however 5 indicates a custom temp table see below

#define USER_THERMISTORTABLE0 {{0,2400},{0,2240},{0,2080},{0,1920},{0,1760},{0,1600},{1,1440},{1,1280},{2,1120},{3,960},{5,800},{10,640},{21,480},{45,320},{84,200},{105,160},{268,0}}

I don't break up the USER_THERMISTORTABLE0 line it is a single line hence the lack of / .

If I am using a Thermistor Table do I need to change or disable the Heat Manager? Is there any other setting I need to change or modify?

Generally speaking what is the best way to get this Dyze Thermistor to do what I need it to do.


  • It is not the temperature table that is the problem. Try using PID controll optimized for 220°C maybe. That should give a good performace for a broad range.

    For creating correct temperature tables I suggest using the config tool. As soon as you select a user defined table an editor appears that does range conversion and computes the correct voltage based on resistors and thermistor resistance.
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