Z axis not enabling (XZ H-gantry)


I am building new printer with Y + XZ H-gantry (DRIVE_SYSTEM 8) and I am encountering strange behavior.

When the steppers are disabled and  I want to move Z-axis, the steppers will not enable (and the printer will just stuck for a while), but when I move X-axis first, both steppers will enable and the Z-axis will work as expected. 

is there a setting where I can specify that I want to enable XZ steppers when I move Z-axis?

PS It does not matter if I want to home Z, move it manually using lcd, G-code command through usb or use Z-probe, the steppers just stay disabled.

Thank you


  • That combi is not much testes as nearly nobody uses such a system. I guess that it just does not enable x and z motor in that case. Once enabled signals will do what supposed until motors get disabled. Will see late rif I can see where it should happen.
  • Ok, think I have found the problem. Should now be fixed in dev version.
  • thank you, I will try it and report back
  • It is working now thank you!

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