Mesh leveling - stuttering/delayed travel moves

When i enabled mesh leveling, i noticed even when homing i would get a stutter/delay in movement.    when doing a print, especially one fair size, at 80+ mms travel moves, movement is jerky.   print moves seem ok, but they're slower anyway.     Any ideas?   it's a radds/due running 32 bit so it should be ok computation wise. unless it's waiting for Z to finish a move while it's moving and Z is too slow.  (maybe max 10mms?)    it stops once mesh leveling isn't compensating anymore at layer X. 


  • You mean at height for distortion correction this happens? You should notice that for distortion correction all moves are split into 10mm moves making it harder to plan the path as you might have not enough length for planning. With acceleration 1000+ this is normally no issue. One simple solution is to increase the buffer size. Due can easily have 32 or 64 moves buffered. This gives more lookahead for planning. Only first move in a sequence might still have a pause since started moves can not be optimized any more.
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    Yes, even for homing moves it seems too.   i just see it happening on travel moves, which are probably one single command when moving across the print.  i think accel is 1500 and it's currently at 80mm/s in the slicer for travel moves.    what's the setting / constant for the buffer size?   
  • Just to be clear. If you are low where correction takes place and go from idle to any bigger distance there will always be 2 acceleration phases. This is completely normal and a known fact. So this is not the stuttering you mean?

    With buffer I meant this parameter:
    /** \brief Number of moves we can cache in advance.

    This number of moves can be cached in advance. If you want to cache more, increase this. Especially on
    many very short moves the cache may go empty. The minimum value is 5.
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