Reset the visual representation of my bed

How do i reset the visual representation of the bed in my print preview?
I have an X of 280 and a y of 200 yet in the print preview windows, it appears that the x and y have been swapped


  • Looking at this interface, it would appear that X is defined as the width of the bed (from right to left) and Y is the depth of the bed (front to back). This makes no sense to me as the printers X is the depth (front to back) and Y is the width (left to right).
    Am i missing something here?

  • IMHO X is E-W and Y is N-S.The same as when you graph points on math paper.
  • I thought that the gantry was the Y axis (which would make it E-W) and the bed depth was the X (making it N - S).
    I have an HE3D tri-extruder printer that I am working with
  • All hosts assume x to be left/right and y front/back. Of course you can modify firmware to print these axis rotated 90/180/270° and it will be fine, only confusing since host and printer images differ due to rotation. So best is to keep with the standard orientation.
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