Extruder & Bed not heating

I killed the print and the gave the command of emergency stop. After that repetier host is not heating the bed nor extruder. It's showing 30/230 i.e current temperature and temperature to attain at firmware but it's not executing at the reprap printer. Need solution. Earlier I successfully printed the job with precision.


  • 30/230 means it is heating and looking at temperature curve you should see a output. If not firmware is not really heating and might be in dry run mode or in some error state from triggering a decoupled test. Maybe disabling printer and restarting helps.
  • Now when I connect the printer its Prusa I3 Reprap printer, its room temperature and temperature to attain is zero i.e. its showing 30/0 and 32/0 and even after giving the print command the temperature status of extruder and bed remains the same and does not increase as per the set temperature and its shows HEATING..... on LCD. Finally the extruder and bed temperature does not increase so as to start the print.
  • Please check the video URL on youtube the problem I am facing. 
  • i guess you are using ramps.
    behaviour looks like polyfuse disconnecting the power supply.
    (it´s the bigger one) think it will get ugly hot
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    you started video at 60 degrees bed temperature and gcode increases to 80. shortly before reaching 80 it reduces temperature. so try to heat up Bed manually to 85 degrees, if i´m correct you´ll never reach that temperature.
    so post temperature log of that new situation
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