Repetier server Raspberry license

Is there a free license for the Repetier server on Raspberry ?


  • Yes, as long as you do not enter a license key it behaves like the free version with some reduced functions. But these are not time limited and everything you need to print gcode.
  • Thanks but I don't understand because I have a Qrcode on the screen and I can't do anything. I have to enter a valid license number to go on ...
  • What display do you mean? If you have a lcd on pi and use the optimized printer frontend, that requires in deed a pro license. If you just call on your normal pc/iPad/phone http://ip:3344 then you see a ui that does not require a license. Only problem is that it will not work good on a pi browser since it uses quite some ram.
  • Ok ,now I understand. I have a LCD screen for my Raspberry.
    I'll buy a license ;)
    Thanks for this great software ;)

  • Hello, is possible to try demo?
    Thank you
  • After first installation it offers a 14 day trial. You can also check our demo page

    and use the demo server to see what pro offers and how it looks.
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