Two Heater blocks in one hot end

Hi all, I am using RF in my 3d printer, I have the mirrored Y-axis with two motors using output E1 and I am placing another heater block in the same hot end, there would be two resistors and two thermistors in a hot end, I configured via the RF web configuration and set two extruders to control the temperature differently in the two heating blocks but the thermistor connected at T2 is fixed at 100C, replace it with another and still not read the temperature, if qalguin me can give a hand thanks muhas. regards


  • Maybe first check if you have the right termistor input. Removing thermistor should show def for the extruder. Then you know you use the right input and it is configured to be used. If nothing happens you have selected wrong analog input or an error on board results always in same voltage. 
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