Colour Display


as i mounted the Repetier Server Display Close to the Graphic Display i think there is a "cosmetic" need to act.

As i saw Gameduino Display (SPI) implemented  which takes Graphics computation load i´m thinking of the

Nextion Displays (UART) ?

Connection should not be a Problem as most common boards have more than one Serial port.

Has somebody tried/made something like this? think it might be Close to PanelDue.

Thanks for any comments


  • We had started with this, but the display quality was so bad and it would also require a full new menu handling just for that display, so we skipped the development in favour of other solutions like using server display.
  • well, the one i have looks nice  may be they improved.
    Anyway, is the Gameduino2 working?
  • 2 Years ago yes, but menu was very incomplete. Just some testing code to talk with the display and test.
  • Ok,thanks so I´ll play play with the nextion  , but i think that will end up in a rewrite of the UI.
    May be that would be a solution for a config without controller , just sending commands over Serial.
    So i will be complete user defined, nothing for general implementation.
    Think I´ll let you know when i get a running system, as you know my main intents are from CNC side ;-)

    BTW, got my heaters / Fans controlled over the I2C now , works nice

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