Faced with a problem in repetier firmware associated with the operation of fans

Hello! Faced with a problem in repetier firmware associated with the operation of fans. both fans operate with inverted logic, the extruder fan is only activated when the temperature of the nozzle below 50 degrees and the fan blower works 100% when in the off state in repetier host and Vice versa is switched off if the slider is at 100%. please tell me what to fix and where? thanks in advance!


  • arduino due + ramps-fd + repetier 1.0.0 (on line configurator)
  • What motherboard did you select in the configuration ?
    The radds-fd uses a mosfet driver to drive the output mosfet, so needs active low input(inverted)
  • motherboard Arduino DUE and RAMPS-FD. you can fix this program, or need to change the Board?
  • I apologize, difficulties with the translation! I'm from Russia
  • I wanted to ask, how to fix in the firmware?
  • ramps-fd uses inverted signals for heaters/fans

    ramps-fd-v2 uses non inverted signals

    make sure you have the right board selected in configuration.
  • firmware is listed in the ramps-fd v1 (actually in stock), while the heating of the hotend table and adequate
  • You can not operate fan on heater output due to the dangerous inverted heater logic of ramps fd V1. Use one of the non inverted outputs for fans.
  • thank you very much for the information! I can use a D12, D2? or are they also inverted?
  • D2 and D12  are both non inverted so should work ok with your fans.
  • thanks for the help! I wish You health and successes in work!
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