Best supported ARM based controller.

I've spent some time searching this forum and cannot find an answer.

Which ARM based controller board has the best support for Repetier Firmware? I'm considering going beyond the current AVR based controllers to ARM. As such I'm looking for a controller with little hassles with firmware and integration into an existing machine with an AVR based controller (RAMPS variant).

The follow-on question then is what advantages will I get (if any) over the current versions of the Firmware as it's implemented on the AVR? For example, does the firmware for the ARM based boards handle things like stepping differently? Specifically how does the firmware handle steps over 10K? Does it double or quad or use the actual steps?

Thank you in advance.


  • Best supported device is Due + RADDS whcih is my testing environment for development.

    You can have 95KHz in single stepping mode, with doubla nd quad stepping you can go to around 300K.
    If you have a delta you also profit from higher update frequency of nonlinear comuptations and you have more ram for bigger buffers. Analog reads are 12bit not 10bit. And you can connect from 2 devices with dev version.
  • Thank you Sir.
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