Print button kills existing print in progress!

I was near the end of a four hour print.
I loaded a new stl and sliced it, ready to go after current print finished.
Inadvertantly hit the print button and lost 4 hours of printing when it terminated the existing print without asking!
I think there should be an "Are you sure?" Dialog befor terminating a print.


  • It should not be selectable at all. The main print butten is a pause at the moment, so i guess you used one of the print buttons in preview?

    You should not really do anything heavy like slicing with host while printing. This can easily cause small pauses. If you want to continue, you should consider using repetier-server for printing tasks. That way even closing host would not affect the running print.
  • I slice all the time while printing.  rarely causes a minor stutter.  never ruins a print.  I have a very fast machine.
    so it is a bug that you can press print in the preview screen while it is printing?
  • I would say yes. Should not be enabled while printing.
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