which motherboards support 3 extruders

I am using ramps 1.4 allows for 2 extruders 1 hot bed  X & Y and Z has 2 (note i am stacking so i have 3 on Z)
cant get t2 extruder 2 to read anything but 200C, ramps has no more room for a 3rd extruder

so i am going to change my motherboard out for a better one
Reason being want to use a 3 in 1 Multi Color hotend needs 3 filament exturders

Looking for suggestions using repetier firmware and host also using 8825 drivers
and nema 17 steppers

I know there are a few that have 3 extruder not sure about which ones would work for my setup
3 for Z (stacking 8825)
3 for extruder
1 for X
1 for Y
hot bed
4 temp sensor would be nice but only need 2
I am also doing Corexy with this setup

thanks in advance


  • So you want 8 stepper drivers in total?
    RADDS with extension board and Azteeg Pro X3 have both 8 drivers and are supported. Both have stepper sockets soy ou can add your normal drivers you already have.
  • excellent that helps a lot :>)
    thank You
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