Custom pause behaviour

I would like to add some custom behaviour to the out of filament/jam function in 0.92.9. In the configurator there is a place to enter a custom end of pause script but if i am not mistaken that links to a script defined in the repetier host software?
I would like to make the printer extrude a certain amount to prime the extruder right before fast travelling back and continue printing via firmware since im not using any external devices to run the printer.
How can i do this? 


  • Mo the oause script is done on firmware side here. But i'm not sure if filament change does use this as well.

    Normally you vabge filemant and rotate wheel until filament comesout and then hit it so it already filled in and what you say is unnecessary. But feel free to test if the unpause script is run as well. Vhance is ´70%.
  • Thank you for the answer!
    It should ofcourse be posible to just prime the extruder manually using the wheel and hit resume afterwards but i would like to automate things if possible :)
    Am i understanding you correct that the jam/out of filamnet function uses the  "change filament" function when it triggers?
    Is it then possible to add some g-code to the change filament function in the firmware?
  • If you have set it to using lcd for changing it calls the 

    UI_ACTION_WIZARD_JAM_EOF action. And yes, it is open source so you can add extra code. I also checked that it does not use the regular pause function in that case.

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