Printer in just one RPI3

Hello all,
Please how many printer can I set up in just one RPI 3? Just the number of ports that the RPI 3 has or more? Can I use a USB HUB and get more printer connected in just one RPi3?
Are there a way of using 1 RPi3  per printer?


  • With our repetier-server 3 printer is no problem. Even more should be possible with hub if you have no webcam. At then end it only matters how much data needs to be transfered and read and saved. As long as this is below the limited pi 3 vapabilities it will work.
  • Right, but I think that with just one RPI3 it isn't going to work, because I have 42 printers. Are there any solution that you can send me to help me out?
  • Our server is the only solution we have for this. We don't have that much printers for testing but know that it is possible to have at least 3 printers and even more if you do no high cpu or traffic intensive stuff. You could also use a normal small 64 bit intel board which should handle more printers. In future we will also offer a global solution that can gather data from all installations so you get one page to check all.
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