Define endstops for mirrored axes

It would be nice to be able to define an endstop for axes that are mirrored.  My printer/mill has a mirrored Y and Z axes, but can only set 1 endstop on the primary axis.  Most mills have an endstop on each axis so they are self calibrating.  This would make implementing a truly self leveling bed a lot easier too.



  • For z this is already possible, only x and y are not implemented as this is mot so important for 3d printer.  With being more and,ore used this would be an addition for version 2.
  • Can you tell me how to implement this for Z?  I'm using 0.92.9 and the mirrored Z axis isn't showing up in the endstop section of the online firmware configuration tool.  Was this implemented in the dev version or do I need to add code to the Configuration.h file?

    The mirrored Y axis endstop would be nice.  You said in version 2, did you mean version 1?  ETA?
  • No, i meant version 2. version 1will be released soon and for 2 i plan some bigger changes then.

    if you hav selected mirror z endstops should have a z2 minmax endstop to be set. Not sure if 0.92 has tjis already.
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