extruder heating up very slowly

I'm having some trouble heating my extruder, which, until now, was working perfectly alright. It would rise up to 240 C in a minute, and now it's struggling to touch 185 C. When i heat the extruder, it rises with ease quickly, as it approaches 150 C, it starts slowing down drastically, and when it goes up to 185 C it almost stops rising. The increase is only about 0.2 every 2 seconds. I measured the output going into the extruder and it was about 11 volts throughout.
Would anyone have any insight on this?   


  • Uploaded new firmware. 1.0 version of repetier has new temperature handling so heating settings might need modification if that is the case.
  • I'm using the latest marlin firmware, not repetier. Would that be a problem?
  • Is there something i could try changing in the marlin firmware that might solve the problem?

  • While the extruder is heating up, click on the temperature button in repetier host, is it showing full power for heating or has the pwm dropped ?

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