extruding around the X and Y perimeter

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Have a general idea of the theory and actual print area for my 8020 3D large format printer X & Y Being 550x550 but Reality based on some X & Y movements observed in Repetier last night. X is 390 and Y Is 340 (extruder coverage nozzle as expressed in manual mode) has space for 3 extruders in a row (1, 2, and 3)

Instead of banging my head with theory, fairly certain someone else has already been there and done that and figured I would ask what perimeters would; What parameters would I use to test print a perimeter (extrusion outline) around the actual Print area?

guessing they are similar to the Startup script except that I need to  add some kind of x 0-390 and Y 0-340 while extruding at Z at A minimum to print the extrusion to print a thin line all around. Then I can update the configuration for the actual print area

Just a note: I am currently using position 2 is the only existing extruder=0 (see photo)
Will be adding another one to position 1 soon which is x distance apart from 2 about 40mm apart left or right. Figured what was needed t mount 3 V6 with fans.  Realty is I have room to use the 3 in one nozzle but wanted to play and see what else works 1st :>) not sure how one would run 3 print heads at the same time but figured on blue sky :>)

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