Jamming on dual extrusion

Hi All,

I have been trying to get my machine to do some dual extrusion (it is a custom cartesian printer using an E3D Chimera dual hotend and Titan extruder for both via bowden tubes). Extruder 1 is printing with PLA and extruder 2 is printing FlexPLA (both from Rigid.ink). The problem I have is when extruder 1, with the PLA, is "parked" to allow extruder 2 to operate, it often jams when it switches back to extruder 1.

I have tried different retraction lengths and temperatures but it seems that while sometimes it works okay, others it will jam after only one or two swaps of the extruders.

If I print a single material print with extruder 1 I have no issues what so ever. I also have no issues with the FlexPLA jamming after being parked.

I am at a loss as to where to go from here in order to get it printing reliably and would welcome any suggestions!

Slicer wise, I have used both Slic3r (with Repeiter-Host) and Cura (the full application not Curaengine). I want to use Cura(engine) as it better supports dual extrusion and is much better at the hand off when swapping extruders (using the wipe tower for example). Regardless, both methods cause the hotend to jam in the same way.


  • Most jams are just molten pla going up too high adding so much friction that extrusion jams. This is especially true if you leave it idle while cooking like in dual extrusion but a long pause would be the same. So it is essential to have a good heatbreak, a coolver for the extruder itself to cool it fast down.  Then you can do a longer retract so nothings is to be cooked up and eventually reduce temperature.
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    Do you have original E3D or plagiate?

    may be this helps a little as chimera heaters are same as V6.


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