bowden v6 extrusion calibration

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Trying to understand the logistics of calibrating the extruder, found in eeprom setting ext1 and steps was set at 370 changed to 400 for the 0.9 stepper?

turns out was 1.8 same as xy not z was getiing double the length thru the extruder end said send 100mm got 200mm doubt 30 steps =200

Using ramps 1.4 with 8825  drivers and nema 17 0.9 steppers for z axis and Extruder 1 using the plastic lever style bowden with the silicone tubing between them m503 does nothing using repetier for firmware and host
what i did
removed nozzle end from extruder
ran the filirmnt to just be at the end of the nozzle
repetier told to send 100mm
length was 200 mm +- a few
the v6 is about 80mm long even so the filiment was at the end of the nozzle
found the eprom setting was set 370 for EXT1 changed to 400 and said ok
changing the 400 to 200 as the extruder motor is 1.8


  • well dang that was the issue 400 steps (370) insteaad of 200 i am plus about 5 or 105 how do i save this result?

    Found the portion of the config H finally and changed it in eprom settings repetier do i have to do a g code save if so how ?

  • Normally just changing steps per mm in eeprom is enough to keep it permanent. Gcode expresses it in mm and that value is used to convert it to steps so gcode normally needs no adjustment except if you nedt to change the extrusion factor which is different for each filament type.
  • Great checked the X&Y And Z dimension they are good and now Extruder steps looks good 195-200 seems good for the PLA going to try the cube again thanks again
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