M104 T0 S.. vs M104 S..

Hi everyone. It's my first post here. English is not my first choice, then forgive me ;)

I'm using Repetier-host with sunbeam 2.0. it is a smoothie clone. In Manual control we can start heating a bed and hotend.
but in my case heating hotend does not work (bed heating is correct). IMHO because repetier send order "M104 T0 S200", but smoothie prefer command "M104 S200" how I can remove this embarrassing "T0" in repetier config files?


  • You can't - your only solution is to send the command manually. since 2.0.5 we now have a firmware selector. I can use this in a upcoming version to do it if smoothieware is selected. The addition if Tx allow us to change temperature of non active extruders. i guess in smoothieware this is not possible then?
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