Upload to sd card not working and starts a print automatically.


I'm trying to use the sd card tab to upload files to the sd card. I'm using the linux version (1.0.6) and Marlin firmware on ramps 1.4.

The problem I see is that repetier host is trying to "open" the file at once when the upload to sd card dialog is opened. The first time this happens it fails because no valid filename is given in the input box (it's empty). The second time when I have entered a correct filename the previous time the dialog was open the file is opened and a print is started automatically before I have time to select a new filename and what to upload. Also deleting files is not working not sure why.

Expected bahavior is that nothing will happen before I press OK and when I do I expect the file to be uploaded. I'm not expecting a print to start.

To rule out issues with the hardware and/or the firmware I have tested to manually send gcodes to open/write/close/delete files. This works perfect so I'm quite sure that the problem is in the host software.

Thanks for a great program.
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