how to store Z for extruder0 and Z for extruder1

We've written a manual bed leveling wizard, which lets the user find the correct height of both nozzles. Now I'm looking into the way to store these two values in EEPROM.
I do not understand what happens the next time the printer is started and homed. At some point in the startup process the offset between home and the newly stored Z values must be "set" somewhere.
What's a good read on this subject?


  • Each extruder has a Z offset. extruder 0 should have 0 and extruder needs it set as difference in height to extruder 0. So just write that and store it in eeprom.

    BTW: In github the event system for felix printer also contains such a routine. That printer has a sensor inside each nozzle so touching bed gives the different height. There you might find more to it if it was not clear enough.
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