Printed models too small

Hi there, I use a 3d printer CTC (similar to Prusa I3), but all modesl are nearly 3,6% too small. How can I fix it without resizing models in stl-files? Is is possible to auto-resize slicing data? What can I do? May I change selected printer, because belts or leadscrews aren't the same as original Prusa i3?


  • You need to increase the steps per mm for x and y by 3.6% then. This is done in firmware and depedning on configuration you can also change it in eeprom. In Marlin it is only permanent if eeprom was enabled in config.
  • Wow, very fast answer. Thank you. I'll try. :)
  • I've found this web site, who explains, how it works. My CTC i3 Pro B have a 2560 Rev A and a ATMEGA 2560 (not 1280). I downloaded Arduino 1.04 and Marlin Firmware. Now what exactly is to do?
  • Fill in the configuration files in marlin, compile and upload firmware.

    But it sounds like you do not have the original configuration.h file. There are quite some parameters and it would be helpfull to have the old one as you only want to change the steps per mm setting and not figure out every hardware component again.
  • No, I won't that. I'll try to find an original config now.
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