Is there a way to make Repetier Host pause or alert me upon print errors?

For instance, if my printer returns something along the lines of 'end stop hit' half way through a print that means something has gone horribly wrong. 

Having the printer pause when it throws up the error 'cold extrusion prevented' would also be nice. 


  • No it does not. Also it is hard since every firmware seems to have their own error messages whcih also can change over time. So currently it writes them insode the log in red if it is prefixed by error: but nothing more.
  • Hmm, so there's no method for defining my own stop/pause conditions (perhaps using those "@[xxxx]" commands in the G-Code)? 

    Thanks for the answer! 
  • Ha, I just realized that I can make autohotkey do this for me!
  • You make me curious. How can autohotkey help here?
  • I can have AHK monitor the section of the screen where the log scrolls and match case for specific errors (I'd probably try color average for the width of the current log line). Should it find a match, then it would click the pause button and then perhaps execute a batch script to send a canned e-mail to myself. 

    I can't program worth a darn so I do silly things like that pretty often. 
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