Windows Insider builds crash when Repetier-Host is running

The computer I have connected to my 3D printer (MP3DP) is setup for the slow update with the Windows Insider program and they recently pushed the next Creators Update (due in September). When I run Repetier-Host I get bluescreen crashes after a fairly short time. I haven't been able to pin it to anything specific, but I've also been unable to launch and finish even a simple print. The crash only happens when R-H is running though.


  • Does not sound good. We do no low level access so I do not think it is the host directly. But we use OpenGL and that uses graphic infrastructure in the end, so that may be a candidate. Only othe rhardware is using the official serial port class from microsoft, but I guess it crashes before you can even connect to your printer?

    Is there any hint in windows events what caused the crash? I think it must some windows function we call as it works on older windows versions.
  • Nothing that I've been able to find in Event Viewer, seems the crash is too quick to get caught. I upgraded from 2.0.1 to 2.0.5 today and I expect that the system will upgrade again this week. I'll see if there's any difference.
  • Thanks for trying. Hope it works. For some reason I can not use my test windows system any more, so currently I do not dare to switch my good windows to it.
  • It updated to a newer release than the previous and I've printed several different things without a glitch. Can't say it's fixed but can say it's very likely fixed. :)
  • Great. Thank you for testing.
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