"endstops hit: Z" stops any axis movements, how to reset?

When I home all axis, lcd screen posts "endstops hit: Z", and control of all movement stops. I've tried disconnecting computer USB and restarting Printer and reconnecting USB but nothing changes. I turn Z axis threaded rods to move X axis assy up to above Z endstop and then regain control of directions for all axis but lcd still displays "endstop" error. What have I done wrong and how to fix.


  • CTC i3 prusa clone kit thru ebay.
  • That is more a firmware issue. Normally a firmware should only block moves in direction of blocked endstop but all othe rmoves should not be blocked. If you have autolevelign enabled then xy moves may lower Z so that might get blocked, but a pure up move should always be possible.
  • thank you for the comment. no auto-leveling. the errors show whether all stops are in contact with each individual component. will study up on firmware and find out how it applies.
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