How to use serial communication on RADDS with serial Display from Sparklab ?


i set up luc's WIFI server on ESP8266 modul and it works fine until i want to connect it to my printer board ;-) .

I only can find solutions where TX/ RX on AUX PIN row for extensions on the side of the modul are used. But there is connected my display from sparklab as you can see here:

Is there any solution to use other pins on  RADDS board for communiction with ESP8266? And how do i set this up?

If i use the online configuration tool for Bluetooth serial communitcation i can select  1 to 3. Is one of this selections useable for me?

thank's for any help



  • What does the ESP board need? Can't you just plug it into the usb serial connector?
  • rgdrgd
    edited July 2017
    i wanted to use it like shown in this external post:,719437,719437#msg-719437

    because of the serial connect sparklab display i look for alternativ pins

  • Ask vincent from Sparklab for the adapter to put sparklab LCD on the LCD port instead. Not sure if he still has them available, but that frees the expansion port.
  • ok thanks that may be a solution and i will give it a try if there is no other way.

    But as i understand it there must be another serial connection on LCD port if it can be used with sparklab adapter?

    I wonder if it may be useable in my case to ? And can you please tell me what or where are serial 2 / 3 on radds board?


  • These are also for Arduino Mega 2560 boards which have them. Not sure the due has more, but you can check pinout and check where these pins then come out.
  • thanks but i think that will not possible - at least for me  ;) to find the right pins.

    If someone tried or used it i can copy the solution but to find it by myself is little bit above my knowledge.
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