Do not see video at Dashboard

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Hi, I have latest Repetier Server (Repetier Server Pro 0.85.2), several printers and two webcams. At dashboard I cannot see the video but I can see video streaming (vlc). Resolution 640x480 25pfs, timelaps is also working. Can you help me where is the problem?
Thank you


  • Do you have more then 4 printers defined? In that case dashboard would not show the webcam switch any more since that is a limitation of browsers that would lead to full block otherwise. Also webcams are only shows if dynamic MJPG view is defined for the webcam. So in general <= 4 printer and in webcam tab fluent motion should work.

    Not sure why you mention vlc as this is not used for viewing webcams. You might use it as source but then you need to configure printer configuration to use the right url to show it.
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    I have 3 printers and 3 webcams.  At configuration everything is working not at Dashboard and printers detail. See pictures

  • Ok, we had that with a windows stream provider and fixed that problem in 0.85.2. Looked exactly like your case so I guess you found another way to fool our new webcam handling. Strangely it looks like you are using mjpg_streamer which is what I have successfully running.

    So can you tell exactly which webcam and mjpg streamer you use on which operating system. In case of streamer best also the source in case there is a different version from the one we use that behaves differently. I guess we have to learn one more difference that can happen.
  • - I use Ubuntu 16.04,
    - mjpg streamer I've installed according your recommendations  -  , MJPG Streamer Version: 2.0
    - webcams - at this time Logitech (C270) and some simple GEMBIRD camera 
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    I've tried older version (0.80.3) and everything is working fine ....
    Edit: it is strange, I've tried older version, newer one and after reboot I have again latest version - 0.85.2 - and webams are working. Do not know what happened (may be old config? ) but it is working <span>:smile:</span>
  • That's good because i always test first with mjpg_streamer and never had problems. So lets put it into mysterious self repaired problems.
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