OpenGl problem with hd3000 graphics on hp elitebook 8560p

hello, sorry for my english, i´m spanish,
i have bougth a second hand laptop, but i have problem with opengl on windows10, repetier says that i have opengl 1.1.0 but i have opengl 3.1, and in other partition with linux ubuntu work without problems, i try lot of solutions that i see in that forum with error, i can´t see correctly and render very slow. 

otherwise, repetier 1 work fine and detect opengl correctly, only problems with all repetier versions more recents

somebody help me? please
thank you!

P.D. i like so much repetier software, it´s the best for me!


  • Try setting graphic card energy to 100%, no saving. Some laptops seem to not use OpenGL in lower modes and so the test return the generic microsoft driver which does not work and causes crashes of the host. 
  • thank you very much for answer so soon, but i try energy 100% and energy conected, still not working properly
  • Then it might be the intel graphic card not working with OpenTK. Try 2.0.2 and in 1.6.2 you have 2 other versions one with legacy OpenGL library and one with newer version. One of them might work. If none of the 3 works I'm sorry that this is not supported.
  • well, i have tried to replace openTk, 2.0 and 3.0, even replace opentk archives of repetier 1.0.6 but no work, i tried 1.6.2 in legacy mode and either, only works correctly repetier version 1.0.6, that says i have opengl 3.1.0 and work fine.

    possibly not supported, but thanks a lot to worry and for your attention :)
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