Pullling X Y coordinates

good morning everyone,

Is there an easy way to pull the x y coordinate of the extruder and storing them in a file or sending the to another microcontroller for later use and feedback?


  • Not sure what you want to achieve. M114 report temperatures to serial for a time where all moves are finished. In dev version you can configure it to handle 2 simultaneous connections as long as only one is changing positions etc. So second microcontroller can poll positions and store them.
  • I need a way to know the position of the printer at constant intervals of time. i was looking in the firmware if the absolute position in between Gcode commands is stored somewhere
  • The current position you poll is always the position if all moves are finished. Moves only contain delta informations, so they never know what positions they are at. You would need to maintain a update of position in steps to do so, but that would only be part of real position as step position does not contatin included offsets from autoleveling, distortion map, baby steps etc.
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