PAUSE via SD Card job doesn't Resume properly


During a print, when I hit pause both from main menu LCD or via SD Card > Pause options I'm not being able to properly resume the job. That's what happens:

  1. Hit pause from LCD (any of pauses);
  2. It goes to the park position (fine);
  3. I hit Resume/Continue and it goes to the right place back to the print (fine)
  4. It does nothing... keeps hang at the piece forever with the "Idle" message on LCD screen. <--- thats the issue.

My setup is:

  • Repetier firmware DEV version from 2017-JUN-09
  • Ramps over MEGA2560 with LCD number 11 (RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller)

May I doing something wrong?
Please let me know if it is necessary some testing or more information and I'll provide.



  • Have put it on my todo to check. There is not much to do wrong, but maybe a continue flag is missing here when repositioning is done.
  • Ok great, I'm sorry to duplicate it here, I've already posted it on github 
    Please let me know if it is better to delete it there (or here).

  • load actual dev version, its already fixed
  • edited July 2017
    RAyWB said:
    load actual dev version, its already fixed
    Oh I have a version one day before that commit :/
    I've verified the commits before ask but forgot to change to dev branch...

    I'll test and confirm the results here;

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