I've a Micro Delta Rework and I'm trying to calibrate the extruder, so I cut the filament in the end of the bowden tube and send 100mm out, when measured it has 104mm.
My prints are nice but not good with 7mm distance and 70mm/s of speed retraction (CuraEngine / Repetier Host).
Is this normal ?
If not, how can I solve this ?
Many thanks in advance.


  • Depends on what "but not good" means? There are so many things that can not be good, so you need to be more precise what result you get and what you do not like about it.

    My big delta also has 7mm retract and works fairly good. But 7mm retraction can have bad effect on filament if you go through it several times with big forces. Also bowden is a bit sluggish on the reaction on hotend side since the bowden is just a big spring, which is also why you need much bigger retracts then on direct drives.
  • Can you explain me how can I extrude 100mm instead of 104mm ? 
  • alter the E1 steps/mm setting in eeprom , you can edit eeprom using repetier host or repetier server
  • MartinH ... :( 
  • Hmm ok, looks like either the eprom is dissabled in the firmware or repetier host does not recognise the firmware.
    What controler board does the printer use?

    Send M115 to the printer and see if it reports what firmware it uses (manual control tab in host)

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    22:12:02.736 : N223043 M115*18
    22:12:02.736 : ok
    22:12:02.737 : ok
    22:12:03.926 : N223044 M105*20

    G-Code : M115 (SEND)

    the board is eMotronic
    Smoothieboard : Uberclock, LLC (http://uberclock.com)
  • There is no eeprom editor for smoothieboard. Not sure if it even has one as you simply change the config file on flash and reboot printer.

    Also note that for some materials you need still a flow multiplier of down to something like 0.85 depending on the material as they can expand. But it is still good to have extruder calibrated to always start from defined condition.
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    Many thanks is a config.txt !
    Everething is there, ufffffffffff.
    My problem was that, start from the beginning where 100 is 100 and then go further down the road.
    About the flowrate I've tested 1 by 1 (increasing/decreasing) and was too mutch or too little, 
    perhaps something to consider some changes by you, if with the changes in the flowrate I had achieved better results, probably I become fan of yours sooner ... cheers ;)   

    ## Extruder module configuration
    extruder.hotend.steps_per_mm      163    # Steps per mm for extruder stepper
  • On config-override
    M92 E163.0000 P57988
    M92 E156.0000 P57988
  • What do you mean with that? Looks like result of slicer flow rate adjustment.
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    The changes only take efect in the file config-override (can't see the extension, opened with sublime text), config.txt is just an example I think.

    sorry my bad ...

    ";E Steps per mm: M92 E163.0000 P57988" is a line in the file config-override.

    That I changed to

    ";E Steps per mm:M92 E150.0000 P57988" and the prints caught the previous settings (retraction speed and distance , etc) and came out amazing (delta style).

    The file (config-override):

    ;Steps per unit:
    M92 X80.00000 Y80.00000 Z80.00000
    ;Acceleration mm/sec^2:
    M204 S3000.00000 
    ;X- Junction Deviation, Z- Z junction deviation, S - Minimum Planner speed mm/sec:
    M205 X0.05000 Z-1.00000 S0.00000
    ;Max cartesian feedrates in mm/sec:
    M203 X400.00000 Y400.00000 Z400.00000
    ;Max actuator feedrates in mm/sec:
    M203.1 X400.00000 Y400.00000 Z400.00000
    ;Optional arm solution specific settings:
    M665 L170.0000 R80.5001
    ;WCS settings
    ;Home offset (mm):
    M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z30.30
    ;Trim (mm):
    M666 X-1.221 Y-0.125 Z-1.644
    ;Max Z
    M665 Z180.000
    ;E Steps per mm:
    M92 E150.0000 P57988
    ;E Filament diameter:
    M200 D0.0000 P57988
    ;E retract length, feedrate:
    M207 S3.0000 F2700.0000 Z0.0000 Q6000.0000 P57988
    ;E retract recover length, feedrate:
    M208 S0.0000 F480.0000 P57988
    ;E acceleration mm/sec²:
    M204 E500.0000 P57988
    ;E max feed rate mm/sec:
    M203 E40.0000 P57988
    ;E Steps per mm:
    M92 E163.0000 P39350
    ;E Filament diameter:
    M200 D0.0000 P39350
    ;E retract length, feedrate:
    M207 S3.0000 F2700.0000 Z0.0000 Q6000.0000 P39350
    ;E retract recover length, feedrate:
    M208 S0.0000 F480.0000 P39350
    ;E acceleration mm/sec²:
    M204 E500.0000 P39350
    ;E max feed rate mm/sec:
    M203 E40.0000 P39350
    ;PID settings:
    M301 S0 P41.2000 I2.9030 D146.0000 X255.0000 Y255
    ;Max temperature setting:
    M143 S0 P300.0000
    ;PID settings:
    M301 S1 P300.0000 I14.4000 D300.0000 X255.0000 Y255
    ;Max temperature setting:
    M143 S1 P300.0000
    ;Probe feedrates Slow/fast(K)/Return (mm/sec) max_z (mm) height (mm):
    M670 S20.00 K100.00 R0.00 Z180.00 H20.00
    ;Probe offsets:
    M565 X0.00000 Y0.00000 Z0.00000
    ;Load saved grid

  • So you have a file that gets executed on startup setting the changes. Ok I understand now.
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    I had no clue about this file, now I'm using 152.0000 and the first layer came out very nice and the rest also, even the scratch went away. With Delta's come out with Smoothie (TEVO moster) this way is good and simple.
    Thanks for your help and keep the good work.  
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