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Hello my name is erick, I'm starting my first project and I want to build a 3 axes cnc with double NEMA 23 (1.5 A) axle, a ramps 1.4, arduino mega 2560 and 5 drv8825 drivers. But my problem is with the Repetiere firmware because I can not move the NEMA 23, the Repetier software recognizes the board but does not move any motors.
Agradeseria all help.

Hola mi nombre es erick, estoy empezando mi primer proyecto y quiero construir una cnc de 3 ejes con doble NEMA 23 (de 1.5 A ) por eje, una ramps 1.4, arduino mega 2560 y 5 drivers drv8825. Pero mi problema es con el firmware Repetiere ya que no logro hacer mover los NEMA 23, el software Repetier reconoce la placa pero no mueve ningun motor.
Agradeseria toda ayuda.


  • Check if motors get power at all when you move so they block. If not you must invert enable signal and try again. That would be at least one reason. Or course wrong driver orientation would be an other or no main power if you connected power to the wrong 2 pins that give power only to heated bed.
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