Pin for Fans on the MKS Base v1.3 (RAMPS Clone)

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I've been slowly and methodically setting up a prusa i3 clone I've had for years and finally added a working probe sensor. All of that is working now but I can't find the right pin for the parts fan and the extruder cooler fan. Previously the extruder cooling fan was connected directly to the 12v power source and so was always on even when no printing was active. I'm also having some issue getting the normal parts fan working, although I could swear it was working in previous firmware uploads. 

Board: MKS Base v1.3 a RAMPS 1.3 Clone (see attached pin diagram)
Firmware: Repetier 1.0.0dev (developer branch)


Heated Bed Pin Setting (HEATED_BED_HEATER_PIN)
      Heater 1 normally used for heated bed
Extruder 1 Pin Setting (EXT0_HEATER_PIN)
      Heater 0 normally used for extruder 0

Not Working
Extruder cooler pin (EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_PIN)
Print cooling fan pin (FAN_PIN)
      Fan pin (not working)

On the image you can see the described pins are

      D10 to E0 which works when assigned as "Heater 0 normally used for extruder 0"
      D8 to Heatbed which works when assigned as "Heater 1 normally used for heated bed
      D9 to Fan but doesn't work when assigned as "Fan pin"/ORIG_FAN_PIN
      D7 to E1 but doesn't work when assigned as "Heater 2 normally used for extruder 1" /HEATER_3_PIN when used to control the extruder cooler fan.


  • Also it says ramps clone these pins are not ramps compatible soyou need to select MKS Base board directly. If in doubt select fixed Dx pin number instead of symbolic name.
    For EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_PIN there is no predefined fan so you have to select an unused pin for it. It will only turn on when extruder gets hot. Make sure it is not also used as fan pin or that would conflict and have unpredictable results.
  • So edit the configuration.h directly and use "D7" as the extruder cooler pin? 
  • Yes, but there you enter 7 not D7. Or do it in config tool. There you select "Digital Pin 7". That way you are sure what it uses.
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