Printer half-working after changing firmware, help?

I dug up an old davinci 1.0 (That's what it said on the sticker, but it turned out to be a 1.0a  :/) printer a while ago. I printed the available tests (I got a keychain, woohoo). Everything works! I later decided to change firmware so i could use Repetier Host.

I am running Repitier 0.92.10M; installed via and the instructions on the official site. I start load the filament, test plastic flows out of the nozzle, and start a print via SD card. [I initially try COMs between my computer and the printer, but that failed miserably due to me not looking at the tutorials --no help needed in that specific area, just stupid :P]

The motor for the nozzle moves freely in all 3 dimmensions, in the correct places too, but nothing outputs from the nozzle. It gets hot enough to melt it, as seen with the test drizzles, but the printer just refuses to output. Things I have done to rectify this are the following:

M502;M500 [Too many to count]
Reloading and Unloading the filament
Calibrate the Z-Axis [Broke the printer, nozzle kept running into bed. Did another M502;M500 to rectify]
Re-flashed and uploaded the firmware multiple times over
Manually recalibrating the bed [The point where I assume the printer runs on magic]
Attempting a staring contest with the printer [It blinked]

I'm at wits end. Any help? More information can be provided if asked


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    I may be an idiot. Files for printing were saved in the .gco [bytecode format] and not in the .gcode [human format]. Trying that now, will update with more info.
  • human-readable has same results as bytecode. Here's the file in question
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