Trying to install firmware. Novice needs help.

I inherited a 3D printer I don't know much about, and it has stopped connecting to MatterControl. I was advised to try connecting with Arduino IDE. I downloaded the Arduino IDE and went here
to install it. It took me a while to figure out what motherboard I have. It is a RAMBo 1.3 which is not listed in the first step (see below). Then it says if your board is not included, you need to install the missing device files. I don't know what that means or how to do it.
I have obviously not gotten past this step, but having read forward, I see many other problems ahead. It says the next step is driver installation, and all the boards use a serial protocol. I will need to install the usb driver. What? Don't know what that means either. 
Is there somewhere I can go to learn about this? I have spent hours on the web seeking solutions, but this all seems to be in a language I don't understand. I really need to start at square 1, but I don't know where to find that square.


  • You seem to be using a very outdated version of our firmware. We support rambo for a long time already (board 301). Try our config tool for latest version:

    Also Arduino is at version 1.8.x -1.0 is also ancient.

    Drivers you get from rambo vendor if it is not already in current arduino driver package whcih you can install with arduino installation.

    Problem is more "Stopped connecting to MatterControl" - if it is on the same pc that would be strange. If you switched pc you are simply missing the usb driver so no com port appears on your computer when you connect usb.
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