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    hi Gergo,

    I'm a new user for the ultratronics board myself and i compiled a firmware using the repetier configuration tool.
    I had to use de development version because the Ultrasonic boards are not in the stable version yet.
    Maybe you can try it and open the firmware in arduino ide, where you can edit/delete the things you don't need?

    I had a big struggle to compile a firmware that was working with the ultratronics board but with the config tool i solved 98% of my problems, now the only thing left to figure out is how to make the auto bed levelling work. I guess i will struggle through it in a couple of days. :-)

    Since the board is not fully supported yet, i did not take the time to figure out how to use the ethernet port. But i do have the graphical LCD from ReprapWorld 128x64 and that one works just fine with the compiled FW.
    As for the hotend, i use 2, either a E3D v6 or a 3 in 1, in both cases i'm using the Pt100 with amplifier board also from E3D and that one can have temperatures to 400°C 

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Johan,

    I got the frimware the same way you did and I am really struggeling with the autoleveling. Did you succeed in getting the autolevel to work?

    Thanks, Sebastian
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