Menu/control question.

Recently, with great help from you folks here in the forum, I got an I2C OLED display with buzzer and encoder working in the 1.0-dev version of Repetier firmware.

I have a question about the menus. On the OLED (128x64 full graphics) I cannot see any way to return to the previous menus like I can in the .91 version with a 2004 LCD/Encoder.

Here is the OLED after pushing the button on the encoder. No obvious way to go backwards.

  And the menu on a 2004 LCD with an obvious "back" selection.

What am I missing?

Thank you.


  • what happens if you turn the encoder?
    i also use dev. branch on a graphic display and i have the "back" line
  • When I turn the encoder the menu selection rolls down or stops at the top when rolling backwards.

  • if i followed up correct , this display was added to dev by yourself, where did you add it?
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    You helped on this thread:

    Not to be confused with another thread I have open for an SPI OLED.

    I added the display in the uiconfig.h file. Specifically these lines:

    #define UI_DISPLAY_TYPE 5
    #define U8GLIB_SSD1306_I2C
  • ok, so we are talking about the ssd1306 .

    also tried one , but to be honest i´m not shure  if there were problems or not.

  • just hooked up a mega with the display (i just have a 0.96") without problem

    did you change something else in uiconfig?

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    got it :

    change uiconfig to :

    #define UI_HAS_BACK_KEY 0

  • That did it. My first work on this was with the same little .96" display. The mailman brought me the bigger OLED yesterday so I had to try it!

    Thank you again for your help. I am genuinely appreciative. One day I swear I'll learn enough about the code to not be a pest!  :D
  • don´t worry about that , i remember my own "problems" when i started :-)
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