Repetier for Roving Robot - Can't manually control/use scripts successfully.

I'm trying to build a little at home hobby robot. I was recommended Repetier with my RAMPS1.4 board would be a nice way to drive the motors I use. My robot has 2 stepper motors (bipolar). 

I try to make scripts to control how I want it to move; forward, backwards, rotate on spot. For this, I used GCode in the 'Scripts' option (1-5 buttons on the Repetier Host). For example, Script 1 reads "G01 X100 Y100" to make it go in a straight line forwards. It does, but only once. I try to click it again and it will not move. I cannot interrupt it if I want to use another script to make it turn on the spot half way through. So it doesn't move freely. With the manual control option, I can only press x or y control - not both at the same time. 

My question is - how do I use the Repetier host to successfully control these motors as I'd like? I'm new to using RepRap/Ramps etc and I'm willing to learn. I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction! 


  • G01 X100 Y100
    works many times but once you are at that position there is nothing more to do. Move to
    G01 X0 Y0
    then it moves back to from where it came. Then cab again move to 100,100. Also be aware that firmware may have set some limits so at some point you can not go any further. To get most out of it you need to learn how gcode works. The manual control uses relative coordinates which is why it always works. But at the end they switch back to absolute positioning.
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