Leveling Hot End to Print Surface

Hello, I'm using a clone Kossel mini with Repetier firmware. I'm working on bed leveling and my issue is that my hot end travels on an angle across the bed along the X axis, Y axis is okay, as opposed to having a concave or convex motion. So on one side of the bed, ie, X=-50, Y=0, the hot end is say 2mm above the bed, and at X=50, Y=0, the hot end starts to dig into the bed. I was able to work around this by manually setting the endstop offset using the "paper test" and changing the printer radius in config.h file. But my prints are still a little off. For example, when I print a test cube, the finished cube is leaning a little to right (when printing it leans toward the positive X axis). I have a capacitive sensor as my Z probe, but haven't had much luck using it for bed leveling. Should I be changing the "printer radius" and "rod radius" to correct this? Any ideas why this is happening?
Thanks, Jim G   


  • Calibrate endstop offsets relative to bed if you can not use G32 S2. As you describe it the bed is rotated and that is what G32 fixes normally but required endstop.

    Trick with endstop is to select reagions that you can reach when activated. Since it is not on center the center needs to move and prevents that you can reach the printable radius completely.

    Also use 1.0 for best leveling as there are most problems fixed.
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