Clearing NAN with M-codes?

Hi, I'm running Repetier Firmware and Repetier Server Pro on multiple machines on RADDS 1.5's. I've run into a few issues with a new firmware complied via the configuration tool. 

I'm running 3 extruders on a Cartesian, and I have NAN on extruder 2 and 3 for the following 

2:47:22.622: EPR:3 300 NAN Extr.2 steps per mm

2:47:22.625: EPR:3 304 NAN Extr.2 max. feedrate [mm/s]

2:47:22.629: EPR:3 308 NAN Extr.2 start feedrate [mm/s]

2:47:22.633: EPR:3 312 NAN Extr.2 acceleration [mm/s^2]

2:47:22.646: EPR:3 318 NAN Extr.2 PID P-gain/dead-time

2:47:22.649: EPR:3 322 NAN Extr.2 PID I-gain

2:47:22.653: EPR:3 326 NAN Extr.2 PID D-gain

2:47:22.687: EPR:3 400 NAN Extr.3 steps per mm

2:47:22.690: EPR:3 404 NAN Extr.3 max. feedrate [mm/s]

2:47:22.695: EPR:3 408 NAN Extr.3 start feedrate [mm/s]

2:47:22.698: EPR:3 412 NAN Extr.3 acceleration [mm/s^2]

2:47:22.711: EPR:3 418 NAN Extr.3 PID P-gain/dead-time

2:47:22.714: EPR:3 422 NAN Extr.3 PID I-gain

2:47:22.718: EPR:3 426 NAN Extr.3 PID D-gain

I'm able to clear the Steps per mm with a M92 command, but setting the max federate, start feedrate, extruder acceleration soda PID valves have been harder to figure out what M-Codes I can use to clear those values. I've searched, but could not figure out the answer.

If anyone either knows the M-codes or knows how to erase the EEPROM on a RADDS so I can just clear all the values and re-upload new repeiter firmware, it would be a huge help.




  • - M500 Store settings to EEPROM
    - M501 Load settings from EEPROM
    - M502 Reset settings to the one in configuration.h. Does not store values in EEPROM!

    refer repetier.ino  for commands

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    Thanks, that allowed me to clear the EEPROM to a clean version. 
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