How to find and update firmware for MPX.3

hi , i'm french.
i'm informaticien but newbie in 3D .
i have a MPX.3 Motherboard. it is fonctional with 2 extruder.
i want to adapt a 3D BL Touch.
where can i find a firmware or how can i modify my firmware ... ? 
i don't find about that on the net...
thanks .


  • I guess you have to reconfigure your firmware to handle this on your own. If you have a configuration.h file it should be easy in the configuration editor. You find much informations about bltouch in this forum - seems like it needs some special handling.
  • thanks for your fast answer
    i dont have configuration.h file
    i have found a mkstft28.bin file to upgrade the firmware but not with 3D BL touch reconnize.
    i have no idee :/  where to find a firmware for MPX.3 motherboard , or export, edit and modify my actual firmware and import in my motherboard...

  • use development branch , select board 38 ,that should mostly work
  • sorry ... RAyWB ... but , ...  where is development branch ??

  • you can select in cofiguration tool  or here :

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