How to set Z distance in initial setup

I just started setting up Repetier. I have everything working, though the only issue I'm facing is I can't figure out how to set the z axis distance from the nozzle to the plate. Currently it's about 15mm away, and I can set the distance to what I want manually, but as soon as I send a print order this distance resets and the plate moves to it's original location. Where do you change the setting for plate distance so you can permanently move the plate in the correct z axis location?


  • You mean after z homing it is 15mm away from bed? Fix homing in your firmware/hardware depending on the source of 15mm. Endstop may be too high to you have set to move up 15 mm after homing which should be 0 for z min homing. If using repetier-firmware set bed coating to 0.
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