Setting X, Y and Z Steps in Version 2.0.1

I have been able to run M501 and check the status of the Steps per mm in a previous release of Repetier Host. I would then Run M92 and set the new values for the X, Y and Z Steps per mm, then run M500 to set them in EEPROM. Now in version 2.0.1 when I try to run M501, I don't get a full list of information, like the current setting for steps per MM for the X, Y and Z axis, and when I run M92 and M500, the new settings won't stick in EEPROM. 

I have a Delta Printer (HE3D K200), is there something different in this new release that won't allow M501 or M92 to work as they used to? I noticed in the Configuration settings there is a box for Steps per MM but it doesn't specify which axis it is for... is this correct?


  • I see no reason why it should not work. In fact the new eeprom editor in repetier-host even uses exactly these commands, so you should be able to use the eeprom editor. I will test if M501 now hides the informations or sets them as ack (so you might enable ack to see it).
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