MKS GEN V1.4 board not working on temp sensing

with E0 temp pin it is constantly 85 degrees and the E1 is normal and works
both have the same settings and same thermistor

also, my heated bed temp is constantly 50 degrees and don't move no matter what temp i send to it but if I short out the pins on the board it shows a DEF. so it is taking some kind of input but some reason, not the correct input

could this be a board problem if so where maybe could i fix this


  • Check resistance for room temperature. Should be 100K for 25°C.  Also since E1 works put it in E0 sensor and see if it reports right temperature. If it does the sensor is defect.
  • tried that and it doesn't work both sensors are fine. i think it's a board problem wond'nt mind its only 3 months old this one
  • If you check the board plan sensors use a 4,7k resistor to get split voltage. Have already heard about boards with wrong resistors. If you find them, you could check if they have 4.7k. Different values cause other voltages and hence wrong temperatures.
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