Mirror motor signals

I am having a hard time getting Mirror motor signals function to work I am using version 0.92.9 configuration tool. I am trying to mirror the Z axis to extruder 1. I have set Z axis to both Z axis and extruder 1 and both sockets work fine when configured as a stand alone socket. When I mirror the axis only Z axis socket works, even with the extruder 1 as the primary z axis socket, and the z axis socket as the mirrored. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 

Ramps 1.4, Mega 2560, DRV8825


  • While there are boards that have a shared enable signal for all extruders, the RAMPS 1.4 board does not do this. So there should be no problem unless you have 2 extruders selected so that 2 code parts use same extruder. That can cause strange behaviour.

    To rule out any hardwrae problems you could also make extruder 0 use stepper E1 and E0 to mirror Z. Try also with motors not mounted to z axis to make sure it is not just friction preventing the move. If both Z parts are not parallel in height you can add so much friction a motor would not rotate.
  • Using the Z axis stepper and the E0 stepper works. I know the E1 socket is functional, I used it for the z axis while testing things. Not sure why Z axis and E1 doesn't work together but using E0 will work for me. Thank you for your help, making a donation now for all your hard work on the Firmware.
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