Where to see third temp sensor value?

Hi, everyone. 
I have connected to the motherboard third temperature sensor. It should show the temperature inside the printer enclosure. Where can I see it's value (temperature)? I would be equally satisfied to read this temperature in Host or on the LCD. The board I use is MKS Gen-2Z v1.1. There are three inputs for temp sensors: E0, Bed, E1. Temp sensor for enclosure is connected to the E1 input. It is set in the firmware (v.1.0 dev). I use only one extruder. Does anyone have experience with third temp sensor?


  • You can say you have 2 extruders with second extruder having enclosure thermistor. That way host will show temperature as second extruder temperature. Just make sure not to print with that extruder:-)
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    Thank you for idea. Little problem is MKS Gen-2Z has only one socket for extruder driver (totally 5 sockets, for X, Y, Z1, Z2, Extruder0; where Z2 stepper is connected to E1 socket). If in setup wizard I enable Extruder 2 I should assign "extruder stepper" to it. If I assign "Extruder 2" than compilation is not possible because ORIG_E2_STEP_PIN, ORIG_E2_DIR_PIN and ORIG_E2_ENABLE_PIN are not defined in pins.h 
    If defining those pins is the right way to go, which pins can I assign not to burn the board? 
    If I don't define second extruder (E1) data from corresponding third temp sensor could not be read. 
    If there is other way I would be glad to know.  Thank you in advance. And thank you for great software and great support. 
  • Just select socket for extruder 1 again. Since you do not move that extruder it does not matter and even if you do it would move extruder 1.
  • You guys are really the best! It works perfectly! Thank you! 

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